Saturday happenings

Boy it has been a long day today. It started at 9:30 when Colleen picked me up for our shopping adventures. Guess where we headed first?? If you guessed Starbucks you were right. After fortifying ourselves with Pumpkin Spice Latte and a cranberry blitz for me we headed to Melrose. I was so disappointed as my little pink wreaths from the last time I was there were gone but I managed to find a few things for my vintage tree that so far is in my mind. I hope it will translate to what I want when I actually start putting it together. Melrose sent us to Floe's on 7th a thrift store and I found a few more goodies. Then to Sas for some fabric and trims, from Sas it was to another thrift store called Gracies. Then to Michael's where I really scored on ornaments at 40% off yeah me. Then to lunch. I was starved by then. From Wildflower it was a quick trip to Stampworks in Chandler and then to Market Square for a run through. We ended our long day at DM for the make-n-take. Renee did a cute fall tag using masks.
So now I'm home ohing and ahing over my treasures, and wondering where in the world I am going to put this stuff. Hmmmmmm no clue yet!!!
Probably this little wood Christmas girl is my favorite find of the day. She is an old advertisement for clothing and I just love her. She is the only one I could find at Market Square where Colleen got in trouble for not standing properly in line. Too funny!!!

Metal magnetic Santa scroll with naughty or nice magnets. Probably give to my daughter . The kids should have fun deciding if they are naughty or nice!

More treasures from Market Square

Finds from Gracies. You can see I am leaning to pinks for the tree this year

More from the thrift store on 7th I bought those little vintage santa garlands for only $1 and I have a bezillion of them.

Goodies from Melrose. I finally broke down and got the bottle brush tree and the vintage beads and tinsel garland, and who could resist the cell phone cases. Mine is black surprise! Colleen wanted the pink one and yeap I forgot to take it out of my bag to give her.

Wed nite was our extra class at Jan's. She had a ton of projects for us. One of my favorites was this card where we learned to make the icicles . Fun fun

Then my next favorite project was this Stampin Up tin (that is filled with neat journaling Christmas spots) that we stamped and embossed. I had no clue that you could emboss on metal and ya the metal gets really ot when you are embossing it!!

My other class this week was altering canvases with Michelle at Devine Memories. This was an awesome class and Michelle gave us 2 canvases and enough supplies to complete each one. This is the one we did in class

And this is the one I completed at home. Love both of them

So it is shower and bed as I am exhausted from a long, fun, scored big time day of shopping with Colleen and yes I made it back ALIVE!!!!!!


Kim said…
holy moly girl! you scored big time! i think my favorite of the day is that sweet little girl! love all your goodies!
Michelle Devine said…
Looks like you had a busy weekend. But loads of fun I bet. Your other canvas is beautiful. So talented you are.

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