Thanksgiving Week

Another busy week has come to an end. Or is this the beginning of a new week. Who knows. It has been a pretty good week really. Stressful at work, fun, stimulating, and creative at home. I guess you can't ask for much more.
Thanksgiving at my daughter Jenn's was full of laughs and tons of good food. Jenn and John outdid themselves again this year.
Classes this week on Monday and all day Saturday were full of new techniques and that was so fun.
Now it is really time to kick it in gear and get my thinking cap on and plan Christmas dinner at my house, gifts, and the staff luncheon at work. Busy busy. So as is my trademark here are a week in review pics

Michelle's Advent calendar at Devine Memories Saturday. Colleen kept us all on our toes and entertained with her stories. Colleen painted her muffin tin pink!! and it really did come out pretty

Our next class taught by Kim was this unique wood stocking that we altered. Colleen as usual went in a different direction and hers turned out beautiful too.

TJ cutting the much anticipated and asked for "PUMPKIN PIE" Mr A could not wait for his pie

My family minus Mr A who was eating his pie and couldn't be bothered and of course John who was entertaining his family

Mr A enjoying his pie and mommy bothering him!

The Vick's putting last minute touches to our desserts. Notice A looking longingly at his pie Do you get the idea that Mr A's most favorite thing this year was PIE!!!

The food spread before we dug in

John's family enjoying the meal

Monday was Renee's Turning a New Leaf Class. We learned how to make our own masks. A lot of fun. This is the altered box that contains a little journal that we also altered.


Kim said…
love all your thanksgiving photos! i didn't take very many this year. :(
Nice family your grandson's enthusiasm over the pie...I'd have been right there next to him!

The muffin advent calendar project really interets me...will have to think that over and maybe give it a try! It's so cool that you can go to all the art classes! (And bring us the ideas!!!)

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