Anthony's Day

Despite a previous nite of tons of rain and wind the big birthday party was still on. Jenn and John again outdid themselves in the wow factor of pulling together a CSI mystery party. "POKEMAN MISSING"
Each boy was sent an invitation in the CSI envelope. Jenn put together little packages of math problems for the boys to solve. When they had completed correctly their math problems they had to decode the numbers into letters and put the letters into words to form the clues. Lots of fun for the boys. After the first set of clues, they moved to the autopsy room for another set of clues. She made a brain mold and put scrabble pieces in the jello. Each boy was then given the "scapel" to dissect a portion of the brain. Let me tell you how much boys enjoy the gory details of cutting up the brain. Once they had that mission accomplished the final clues had to be gotten by rubbing graphite over a card. Each boy had a letter and then it formed the word. Finally they put all the clues together and figured out the dinoseaur had the pokeman cards in his mouth in the closet.
All I can say is 7 boys = high noise level, high energy level

Anthony 7 today!!!

The invitation

Gloves on ready for the autopsy

oops out of order but the cupcakes boys liked the eye

The body

the soon to be disected brain

The culprit the dinoseaur

Ok Anthony's math paper for school. Just had to put a pic of this in. Note not only the correct answer but note how he figured it out. We all cracked up over this Only Anthony. Click on pic to enlarge

Just a bit of Christmas nostaglia my precious reindeer found at Peddlar's Wife Love them


Sherry, Rick loves that you put the Reindeer on your blog. You just need to advertise him as R.J. Peddler, the Peddler's Wife doesn't exist anymore! LOL
Kim said…
oh how fun that party sounds! love CSI! and his math paper is hilarious! of course he figured out with his mind! duh teacher!
sav said…
sherry! i've had so much fun browsing through your blog! i love all of your are busy! anthony's party sounds like it was amazing! what a clever event for a group of boys :)
i found some clear/empty christmas ornament balls and thought of you and your pink and aqua decorations... i put a variety of pastel fabric and paper flowers in them with some glitter...the possibilities are endless! i hope all is well and hope to see you soon. hugs!!
Maija said…
What an incredibly amazing party! They little boys must have been thrilled!

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