Cold+Windy+ Rain+ Family= Fun Saturday

We all decided that Saturday would be a family outing for fun. Unfortunately Jen's husband John (aka Daddy John) wasn't able to join us due to playing in his band in Glendale. I woke up to cold wet windy rainy cloudy weather. Yuck. I was glad our outing was planned for indoors. So once all the troops arrived, (and let it be known that Jen and the kids were at my house on time!!! TJ not on time!!!)we headed to Wildflower for breakfast. A good way to start our adventure!
Following breakfast it was to our destination Bass Outdoor World or something like that. It is a huge huge sportsman outdoor store. The neatest thing was the water features and all the "stuffed" animals. We did have fun walking around seing the biggest Margarita machine we have ever seen, big big big BBQ and of course guns guns guns, fishing poles etc. We ate at the resturant and doubt we will go back there again. Food not so good. After that adventure we headed back to my house and the kids big and little decorated the wooden ornaments I had purchased at DM Boutique on Friday. To say my house looked like a sea of glitter is not exagerated. But we had a ball.

Sadera painting her ornament before all the glitter is added

Anthony working on his

Still painting

After the kids finished painting, blinging and glittering their ornaments Jenn and I worked on Christmas cards using the Basic Grey card kit. We had lots of laughs as oops sometimes we proceeded ahead without reading the directions and that got us in a bit of a spot

Sadera sporting her new hat I bought from Kim's Mom. She now wants black, white and purple ones. Need to talk to Kim

Anthony and Sadera at the falls and yes I missed correcting Sadera's red eye oops

Alligator, conch fritters, and shrimp. Sadera's finger is pointing to the alligator

Sadera eating the alligator not Anthony wouldn't try it. It is very tough!!!

Picture looking down from the second level

Sadera at the target range. Note her excellent technique

Anthony shooting

Uncle TJ helping them out

Worlds biggest BBQ

Another pic

Great day spent with family. Everyone had a ball and was exhausted. So today it is sunny and dry what is up with that???


Kim said…
hey it looks like you had a lot of fun on your outing! sadera looks so cute in her hat! cute cards to!

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