Gosh the short weekend is almost over. It has certainly flown by. We left work a bit early Friday so that helped somewhat to make the weekend go a bit longer. At least I have the laundry almost done, folded and put away. Yeah me!!!
Yesterday Colleen wanted to do a little antiquing and to look for a Tim Holtz stamp she needed. So off we headed. First stop was Starbucks for coffee. Got to love Starbucks to start the shopping experience right? Then it was to RJ Peddlars and Mystic Paper for goodies. I found quite a few things on the antique side and scored the new Sommerset magazines I had been looking for. Yeap we even braved the downstairs with the ghost and I found a little metal heart basket. Colleen was able to find her Tim Holtz stamp plus a "FEW" other things and a beautiful quilt. Then it was on to ETC looking for the elusive Tim Holtz stamp organizer case thing. No luck again but managed to find some valentines stuff (yeah go figure as I hate Valentines Day for many reasons) Hoping to join a couple of swaps so thought I mite get a head start on some paper and embellishments. From there we hit Market Square and again found my yellow egg cups. I have five now, some crocheted pot holders and sheet music and old jewelry. Again Ms Colleen scored big with a cool chest with lots of flat drawers to hold her stamps. It is UGLY painted with red, green and various other colored spots. Picture ugly and you have it. She is going to strip the paint to see what is underneath. Hopefully some pretty wood
So that was our day. Lunch late at Wildflower and then Colleen was off to a family dinner. Good day. I have all my purchases put away and am working on a project just to play with Tim Holtz crackle paint.
Need to head to the store as I am out of Diet Pepsi and laundry soap. So guess if I want to get the laundry finished I need to get dressed and head out.
More later
Seak peak of what I am working on. So far so good

Goodies from Mystic Paper and RJ Peddlars

Some of the Market Square stuff

My egg cups

Egg cups on the ledge with the other roosters and egg cups


Kim said…
LOVE the egg cups! didn't know you collected those! your project is coming along very nicely! :)
Maija said…
Please tell- what is RJ Peddler's? I like to go to Merchant Square once in a while - usually when they have that flea market thing. Last one was horrible due to weather!

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