Counting the Days

Time is growing short and I can count the days till TJ and I leave for Iowa and a traditional Thanksgiving at home in Early. I am looking forward to just relaxing and catching up with my family. Sadly John, Jennifer and the kids can't make the trip so we will be missing them. I did a wee bit of shopping this weekend to pick up a few warmer clothes. Bet I freeze.

After I return home from Iowa Kim, Colleen and I will be heading out the 1st weekend in Dec to LA and another wonderful event at Kim C's home. Looking forward to all the fun and great classes

Colleen has been in Cali as Tanya's baby shower was this weekend. I was able to talk with her a bit today and the shower was a big success and lots of fun. I will catch up with her tomorrow as she flys home tomorrow am. Later this week she is heading to Washington DC for Thanksgiving with Jeff

Here is a little sneak peek of ornaments for the swap at Joyeux Affaire coming soon. have 26 completed and made a total of 30 as my sister needed some. Can I just say I have glitter from one end of my house to the other. I have dusted, swept and mopped many times and my floors still sparkle

And the best news Gabrielle is in my house. I was so excited to have this waiting on my doorstep Wednesday. Love it. It is the very best bag I have purchased.
Kim C did a beautiful design in my favorite colors and it is so workable with all the pockets. Just love it.

This it what happens when you are working and playing on the computer and not paying attention to your baked potato in the oven. It explodes everywhere. I shut the oven off and let it cool down and today just swept it up. Easy. Thanks to my Internet I learned that little trick. Need to wipe it down but better than trying to clean up hot mushy potato Thursday nite.

Saturday was a fun day with lunch at Sweetcakes with Kim, Kels, and Aliya. Nothing better than chicken salad sandwich. We were able to finally catch up and see what each of us has been doing. A quick stop at Mystic and I was back home glittering away.
That's it for today. Better go check dinner in my oven or another disaster will be upon me


Paris Cowgirl said…
Boy, it looks like I won't be seeing you for quite a while! Have a great time in Iowa. I so need to go there!
Sue said…
Beautiful ornaments. And Gabriel is gorgeous, she goes great with your hair!
Kim Caldwell said…
Heya Hon!! Just back from Silver Bella and catching up. SO glad you love your tote. . . Will email you off line. Miss you and can't wait to see you in just 2 weeks!!

Hugs, Kim
Holly Loves Art said…
Hi there! Happy early Thanksgiivng! I'm really looking forward to it too.

Take care,
Maija said…
I am cracking up about the potato!!
I broke down and bought one of Kim's fabulous bags- I just love it!
Have fun in Iowa!
kim hesson said…
hey your bag is gorgeous and loved seeing it in person!
was fun getting caught up in person as well. even if we were counting carbs! :)

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