Happy Birthday Jennifer

Happy 32nd birthday Jennifer. I can't believe it has been 32 years since you were born. What a blessing you have been to our family. Your humor, compassion, energy, and beauty shine through in everything you do, Happy Birthday!!!!
Unfortunately I have very few pics of you or TJ as your Dad took all of them when he moved back to Iowa. But as you can see I have a couple.
6 months old and you were such a cutie and had a very strong will unlike TJ who was the easy going child. Maybe it had something to do with TJ drinking all your bottles and putting them back in the refrigerator empty. You would become so impatient when I had to mix formula late at night.

Hendrix volleyball team with your best friend

And this year ready for your 70's Halloween party. You dressed the part of the actress in Flash Dance. You actually were pretty good with the dance you did!!

And here you are with the love of your life your soul mate John. John has provided you and the kids one great, funny,stable and exciting life the past 3 years.

We celebrated Jennifer's birthday at one of our favorite restaurants "Firebird" really the best food. It was a good day to catch up and compare notes on the goings on of all of us. Unfortunately the only bad thing was it was COLD in the restaurant. Sadera was a little ice cube and ended up sitting next to Uncle TJ to stay warm

You would think it was 30 below as bundled up as Sadera was. She had Jennifer's hooded sweater as well as her hooded jacket on. All snuggled up next to TJ

Before I met the family for lunch Colleen and I grabbed a Starbuck's and headed over to the Tattered Trunk Boutique on Elliot and McClintock. Wow it was packed. Lots of really unique things to see and buy. We spent time at Maija's table visiting and of course buying. Unfortunately no pictures were allowed but Maija's table was beautiful.
I bought one of her sachet and 2 microscope slides and I lost track of all Colleen bought from her. The bottle with the Charlotte's head was beautiful

Another favorite vendor was Paper Panache. Colleen had to drag me away. Lots and lots of wonderful things. These aprons have vintage hankies and fabrics on them. I ended up buying 2 one for Jennifer and one for me

The BEST hand care products. Love this stuff

And Christmas nut cup kits again from Paper Panache.

A great day with my family and friend
Now it is back to work glittering, cutting circles and getting ready for my trip home for Thanksgiving and for Kim's Joyeaux Affaire in December
Promised Jennifer I will post better photos of her tomorrow:)


kim hesson said…
sounds like a wonderful day! i ended up stopping over at that boutique and it was filled with lots of wonderful vendors. had time to even chat with maija!
Paris Cowgirl said…
Looks like you guys had a great weekend. I didn't even know about the boutique. I swear I am going to take a Saturday off and hang with you guys!
Lindsey said…
I always love looking at all of your treasures and finds. Love those aprons and happy birthday to your daughter! Thanks for always sharing!
Maija said…
Happy )belated) Birthday to your darling girl!!

Thank you so much for coming to my table- you girls really made my day!

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