Glimpses of Iowa Trip Sat thru Sunday

My goodness the days are going by so fast. We are packing as much as we can into them. TJ and I left Sat morning from Sky Harbor and flew into Omaha. As we were walking towards our gate who do we run into but Cheryl and her husband. We had a quick hello and goodbye as they were off to rent a car.
Once we arrived in Omaha we rented a car and headed towards our destination, Early Iowa. It was pretty cloudy, but no rain, drizzle or snow as we were informed there would be. Made it home in good time.
Mom had a wonderful soup for Saturday night and we enjoyed all the family eating together. My sister Jo is spending the week with us so we have had lots of fun catching up.

Sunday evening we had dinner at my brother Scott's. Lots of great photo ops in his beautiful home. Scott is the "cook" of the family and we had "Fatties, grilled pheasant breasts and lots of yummy sides

Dad and his sons and grandsons

Daughters and daughter-in laws

Sunday am making omelets in a bag

Mom, Dad, TJ and I posing for my sister. who is standing on a chair trying to get us all to smile

Sat nite dinner with the whole family

Farm scenery outside of Omaha

Just a brief glance of our trip/ We have made Christmas cards for my folks, all of us are working on albums and the guys are being so creative. Loving it.
Today was homemade noodles and beef, and tomorrow we are baking pies. Lots going on this week
We also put up the outside decorations and am still trying to get good pics of them.
More later


Tina said…
Oh it makes me heart-sick to go back to Iowa for a visit. It has been way too long. Looks like great family fun! Enjoy
Paris Cowgirl said…
Wow! Looks like you are having a great time. Great family pics!
Cheryl said…
So glad to see that you are having a lovely time with your family in Omaha! So sorry to run off so quickly in the airport (although I'm SO glad I got to see you for a moment and give you a big HUG) but we had to get our car and make the drive to Flagstaff in time for our daughter's show. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sue said…
What a wonderful glimpse into your life! Hugs
Maija said…
What a beautiful time you must have had! It feels so good being with the whole family- I miss it so much!
Your family is wonderful!
kim hesson said…
hey so fun to see the photos! so glad your having fun and enjoying your vacay! miss ya!

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