Friday At Last

So finally it is Friday. Long week, hard work outs and many mini crisis to solve. Glad the week is done. Looking forward to relaxing, going to the vendor fair on McClintock to see Maija, and celebrating my daughter's 32nd birthday.

Everyday when we are running this cute little Pygmy owl pops out of the culvert to keep a close eye on us. Today TJ, Claudia and I walked down to see if I could get close enough to get a pic. As usual she?? popped out when she heard us coming. We really couldn't get close enough for a real close pic. She would pop back in, but as we were walking back to the office TJ was able to get closer than I did as he is braver and can run faster than me and got a couple of good pics.
Here she is peeking out. We figure she has a nest in here

And here she is standing. She really is tiny.

TJ was playing with my camera while waiting for us to get ready for our owl walk.
Caught me as I was finishing up paper work. Can you tell it is Friday and a casual day?

Claudia, who keeps us all on tract

Candy, working on some of the mountains of paper work we have

Wednesday nite was our monthly Stampin Up class at Jan's. Finished all 3 cards she had planned for us. Lots of talking and laughter. Good way to relax

Beautiful sky on Wednesday morning. Waiting for my ride and playing with my camera

So another week gone and another week closer to flying back to Iowa for Thanksgiving. I need to really get alot done this weekend so I am prepared. More tomorrow as I am sure I will have a ton of pics from the birthday celebration.


kim hesson said…
oh the owl is so cute!
Tina Wishart said…
Looks like a little burrowing owl. They are adorable.
Where in Iowa are you going? I'm from Iowa too!!

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