Back from Iowa

Hard to believe a week ago today TJ and I were in Iowa celebrating Thanksgiving with family. We were freezing our feet off. We flew into Omaha rented a car and landed in Early last Friday. From then on it was a whirlwind of trips to the store for food, helping my brother Scott pack u the old house and get the newly purchased house ready to move into. Lots of emotions for him and his boys leaving their beloved home and starting on a new journey.

My sister had done much of the menu planning and cooking for the week. She did an awesome job and we had tons and I mean tons of food. TJ took over the duties one night and fixed us yummy Asian short ribs. Zach joined us all the way from New York and brought lots of fun things to try. He made the stuffing and turkey for our Thanksgiving meal. Fresh roasted chestnuts were peeled and chopped and added to the stuffing yum yum yum. The he proceeded to make pumpkin brittle. That was a big hit with all of us.
It was good to be back visiting with family, celebrating our blessings and putting our very lives in jeopardy with the Black Friday Sale. Too much fun with TJ. He really gets into it and we scored some great stuff, which necessitated another suitcase to get it all home.
Just a few pics of our week in Early are below


Andrea said…
Looks wonderful Sherry:) So nice you were able to be with your family. Love your blog banner:)
Sandy Michelle said…
I'm glad you had a great Thanks giving over there- in spite of the cold. I walked into Macys on black Friday and I walked right back out because it was CRAZY!!


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