Good day

What a great day with two great friends and shopping. What more could one ask for. Yes I accomplished a little bit more. Found some unique gifts for my Office Manager, SW and Dietician. Sadera and Anthony got a couple more gifts! The rule is to downsize this year and not go overboard. I think I need to remember that. My sister's gift is ordered and in the mail as we speak gee I think I did better than I thought. Colleen gave me a Christmas gift and wow was it neat. She added to my perfume bottle collection, beautiful old plates for Christmas dessert, and a great book on Altered Books. I appreciate it so much Thanks Colleen. By the way 56 lb weight loss since Oct 13th you go girl!!!!

2 new perfume bottles to add to my collection.
The new ones are on the right

Decorative tablespoon from Colleen


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