I made it

I didn't think 3 pm would ever come. I was sooo ready to leave work at 12. I know not to be. Besides being busy with a capital B, it was the end of the month last minute billing issues. Don't ya just love these accountant type billers? Can we say anal retensive?? They make up new rules as they go from month to month. And please don't e-mail me in caps Ms biller!!!!
Anyway it is 3:15 and we go to leave and what can it be?? the car is dead!!! So back inside no one has jumper cables. Come on people where is your diaster preparedness we talk about??? So one of the staff (Thank you Warren) goes home, gets cables, jumps car and we are off. I-10 to Phoenix is becoming a real joy with lots of construction traffic, OLD PEOPLE, and plan old idiots on the road.
But... I'm home the weekend has begun and I can scrap, make cards, or do what ever I want for 2 whole days. Yippie. Thanks Susan K for the sweet email.
To the messy scrap room and seious creating!


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