Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas family and friends.
I hope this is a wonderful day for all of you. I know I'm blessed as TJ, Jennifer, John and kids will be with me today.
I was shocked to receive my Christmas present from TJ on Christmas Eve. A new Gateway computer with all the latest and greatest bells and whistles. To say I'm thankful is a big understatement as my old computer was just about dead yesterday. It kept going into system error blah blah blah. Thankfully TJ was able to get 8 discs of pics and documents off it and transferred to the new one. I have video!!! I can make movies, slideshows and on and on. He was even able to load my Adobe Elements. Yipee.
Okay now to get ready for dinner. TJ and I can't wait to try Colleens rum cake, pomagrant martinis and of course all the prime rib, ham and on and on.
Pics to come later


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