Well... Saturday has finally arrived and the week end is here! No big plans except for SHOPPING. Need to get that Christmas shopping started and finished as I have gifts to mail. Of course breakfast at TC's with Beth and Colleen should give us a good start.
It seems like I'm in a slump with my scrapbooking and I have lots to finish. No creative ideas. Goal finish something this weekend.
One of my goals for 2006 is to step outside my box and submit something to a contest, magazine or forum. To that end I am submitting one of my Christmas cards to a contest. I have no great expectations or hopes but it is a small baby step towards my goal.
On the news last nite they did a piece on how shopping is addictive and people receive a high from it just like drugs. Yeap that is me. Love to shop.

So off to eat and shop...........


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