Time Flies

Gosh, I am a bad blogger! Just couldn't get into it last weekend or this week. I have been busy at work and this past weekend was a very busy weekend. Saturday Colleen wanted to go to Phoenix so off we headed. We found a new to us store called Melrose Vintage. It is a wonderful shabby chic store and yes everyone we found tons of stuff from vintage ribbons, material, a pink enamel baby bathtub (and unfortunately not for sale). Colleen found another piece of furniture for all her coin envelopes and tags and she got it. I fell in love with a vintage post office wall of boxes. I can't tell you how much I wanted it but...... I need a new printer first and secondly I absolutely have no space for it boo hoo. Can I just say it was so neat with the little combinations and locks on the mailboxes. Reminded me of our post office boxes when I was growing up many moons ago. After you buy they wrap your purchases up in the most beautiful tissue paper and then the cute label. That was almost as fun as buying.
And thanks to Colleen I am now the owner of a beautiful ribbon box thank you Colleen!!!!The beautiful tissue paper and label. Vintage ribbons the lime green one is felt

My ribbon box

Kim's wooden heart class. This was so much fun.
Michelle's love book. Don't laugh all of you I plan to fill it with pics you will be surprised.

No classes this week as our instructors from DM are in California for CHA. So far quiet week.

And since my printer is on it's last leg, I am now the new proud owner of an Epson1280. With TJ's help and guidance this is my choice. Free shipping, 100 dollars off the price and......I can now print 13x44 yahooo should be fun. Lets hope I can figure it out and let's also hope my present printer holds out a few more print jobs before I put it to rest.


Kim said…
love how your pictures look on your altered heart! always fun to see them finished!

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