Merry Merry

Wow Christmas 2007 rapidly came and went! It was a wonderful, happy, playful, laughing joyous day for me and my small family. TJ was the best and came in Christmas Eve and helped me prepare all the food for our dinner on Christmas Day. That was a big help believe me. It was a bit strange having someone besides me in the house but oh so appreciated. Even "Pedro" aka THE BIRD enjoyed his presence as he got lots of attention and treats.
Our meal Christmas Day was our family tradition, prime rib, augratin potatoes, squash, baked cabbage, breads, and desserts. Jennifer made a great eggnog bread pudding.
After the challenge for the 3 adults of solving their puzzel to find their gifts (of note the 2 youngest members of the family solved, found and opened theirs b4 the "adults" figured theirs out), we ate our huge meal. It was too funny to watch.
Following gifts and a big meal we retired to the kitchen table for games. Now TJ and John are the most competive 2 guys so the rest of us crack up watching them maneuver and try to out wit us. Lots of hollering, laughing and moaning. It was a great day and I am so thankful the kids celebrated with me. So grab a drink settle in and on to the many pics I have of our day.

Quiet before the storm!! This is one of just a few decent pics of my tree with the lights on

Our family pic using the timer. 3 tries to get this one

Anthony working on his math problems. It was so funny watching him solve these using his fingers to count and subtract

Sadera working on hers

Here they are the ADULTS concentrating on solving theirs

The meat cooking

At last dinner

Sadera at the very end of the table

My newest addition from Colleen my Rooster

John and Sadera note she is in to Bobby Jack she really looked cute in her new skirt sweater and jacket


Kim said…
looks like you made some wonderful memories! love the pic of your tree and how the lights are reflecting in the curtains! beautiful!

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