Capturing the fun

This has been a relaxing fun weekend with hanging out yesterday with the family. The weekend got off to a little bit of a rocky start with the bird going to bird heaven, but is ending on a positive note so far.
My Internet is acting up so I have been trying to post pics for a long time. I gave up last night, but today is looking a bit more promising.
Yesterday TJ came down from Casa Grande to cook for the family. After a quick trip to the store to pick up some forgotten items he began. He planned quite the menu! Jen, John and Ms S joined us. Little Mr A was rock climbing so we didn't get to see him. TJ fixed his famous Mac and Cheese which was a huge hit, Phillie cheese steak sandwiches, sweet potato fries, chicken wings and I made a crock pot cake. Cake was a bit runny and as Jen said had we had ice cream to put on it, it would have been wonderful.
Following lunch the games began. They played Twist while I cleaned up. Lots of dishes to wash!!!
I am proud to say that Jen won so the tradition continues Yeah Jen!!
Jen and I took Ms S outside and played with my camera. I am sure the neighbors were wondering what the heck we were doing as Jen was on top of my jeep, TJ's truck and the ladder trying different angles. Ms S was so good about all the things we asked her to do.
After they all packed up and left I finished picking up and just kicked back and relaxed. TJ had hooked up my HD box and showed me the new remote. Yeap I have already messed it up so today I will need to read the book to get back to the HD box. Thank heavens the old remote still works.

TJ working on the vegies for the sandwiches

TJ cooking the Mac&Cheese

Yummy Mac & Cheese

3 different types of chicken wings

Sweet potato fries yummy

Ms S

And again Ms S

Ms S

last one of Ms S peeking through the flowers
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Lindsey said…
Food looks delicious...especially the mac and cheese. So sorry to hear about your birdie :(
Maija said…
Yummy!!! How wonderful to be surrounded by your family. Tell me more about the Crockpot cake?!?!

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