I was so sweetly informed that Ms Kim J had challenged me to a photo as is. We were supposed to take a pic of ourselves after reading Kim's blog. So you asked for it Kim J Here is the photo from when I got home from work. Yuck is all I can say.
These are the rules:
you take photo of yourself AS IS! then you get to post it and tag some other lucky people to join in.
So here is the photo.

I can't think right now of anyone I know that hasn't been tagged so anyone reading this go for it. Check out Kim H blog for some really sweet pics of her and the girls


kim hesson said…
okay that's not bad! now you have it for posterity! :)
Tina said…
Sherry, I tagged you too..didn't know you had already been hit. And after reading your post I realized I forgot the rules in mine...guess I need to edit. :) Boy that was a hard one for me to do.
Paris Cowgirl said…
Thanks for playing! I really thought about not doing this but now I'm glad I did!

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