A quiet Saturday

So this has been a nice relaxing quiet day with me just puttering around the house and yard. Both Colleen and Kim H are out of town so that makes for very very quiet house and weekend. It was one long week at work with many a trying patient or staff incident to appease and fix. Glad it is the weekend.
Last night I joined Tina at Papervineyards crop. What a lot of fun and I was able to get a good start on one of Carol's kits. I didn't make it till 11 but I still had a great time. Thanks Tina.
If you are watching the stock market and noticed a very big dip this week and weekend it is because Colleen is out of town. I am not sure the Phoenix area can recover with her being away for an extended period of time. Colleen is off visiting her son in DC and I am hoping she gets some time for just the two of them to hang out. Can't wait to hear all the details of a certain someone that tends to monopolize all Jeff and Jim's time. I am sure there will be tales galore.
So Mystic Paper aka Sherry's weakness had a whole lot of new product delivered this week. Guess who had to just run down and see all the new goodies?? Yeap that would be me. 2 beautiful old bottles found their way into my basket as well as a few other things. I was able to catch up with Kim and Jennifer and then headed to the grocery store and home. As I said just a quiet day.
The ceiling tin tile album. Have special plans for this one. Hoping to get a start on it this weekend

The hanger. Again have a plan for this too

The BIG scissors. Oh yeah these are going up in my studio

Here is the panels completed on the banner of Carol Wingert that I started last night. It is finished and hanging. Lots of new tricks in this one and I loved putting it together

On the wall below my calendar

So it has been a great day. Fixing tacos for dinner and cleaning up my mess is the agenda for tonight.


Sparklinbecks said…
I love that tile book! Wish I could have joined in on the fun last night!
Tina said…
It was fun last night...Glad you could make it Sherry. Sounds like you had a good day today also. I need to sign up for that class at Mystic!
Lindsey said…
Love the ceiling tile book.... I had to go pick one up myself. Just when I thought I didn't need anything from Mystic Paper for a little while they do one of their posts and you just HAVE to take a trip there!

Banner looks great too!
Isn't it fun to get right in and delve into the new stuff?? Have fun with your purchases!

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