Good bye Mr Bird

Well this turned into a sad day. I had lunch with Colleen and when I returned home the Bird had died. I found him in the bottom of his cage. I guess he finally got too old. We had had him for about 17 years. So it is so quiet here tonight. He was my watch dog and would screech to the high heavens when anybody came to the door or came in the house. I will miss all of our little squabbles, his singing over my Cd's, his personality.


Tina said…
Oh Sherry...I am so very sorry! I would love to have met him. Birds are so much fun. I'm sure you will miss him.
Cheryl said…
So saddened to hear about Mr. Bird, although it sounds like he had a long, good life! Sending you a big ((HUG)).
Sherry, I am so sorry about Mr. Bird. I know that he was a great source of aggravation for you but I also know you loved him. I didn't realize that birds were so protective!

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