Here we go

Another attempt to stay connected and keep a journal on a daily basis. I failed miserably the last time I attempted to create a blog. As a single Mom to 3 grown kids and a Grandmother to two energetic grand kids I tend to stay very busy. I love my life most of the time. I enjoy the freedom that single life affords me and at times I miss the companionship married life brings. But I spend my money as I want, buy all the latest and greatest toys in the scrapbooking and stamping industry I want and no one complains.
I have met so many new and great people this past 6 months. But two friends remain so special to me. They are there to support me when I'm down and out, to cheer for me when I finally get that thought right on the latest art project and love to shop like me. As the Bates girls or gang as we are known at TC's we have a ball.
Victoria P and Silver Moon have opened up my horizons to the altered art world and papermaking. It is so relaxing and rewarding to try new stuff!
So I tell myself that I will try to do a better job of posting Let's see!


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