Well, Wednesday is finally almost over. Yeah. Two more days and it is the weekend and play time. I continue to struggle with what I want to do for my altered book, but maybe by Sunday I mite come up with something. I do have ideas of what I want certain pages to look like but for a theme nada.
My goal today is to figure out how to post a picture to my blog site. Guess I need to read and follow the instructions. Who me read instructions!
Talked with Beth and Colleen tonite. Great news from Beth on her ultrasound and new appendage in PINK. Guess I need to get pictures this weekend Beth. Colleen continues to lose those pounds 38 lbs since surgery and when you add the 16 pounds before surgey that is a whopping 54 lbs in a month. You go girl!!!!! And tomorrow Thursday Colleen gets her first egg Yippee T.C. Eggington look out Colleen gets real food. ok enough rambling now to figure out this photo posting stuff.

Yippee yahoo yeah this was painless and easy. Above pic was at our favorite scrapbook store on Colleen's BD weekend. I'm on a roll!!!


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