Tuesday class

Ok here is the pic from our Tuesday nite class at Jan's.Cute containers was this class. Colleen and I were the only two participants there but boy did we have fun. Great class Jan!! Jan's husband was there to greet us and what a super great guy he is. Scotch and cigars man now how do you go wrong there. Good going Jan.
Now to my ranting and bitching of the day. WINTER VISITORS!!!!!! Got a love them or not.
#1 If your Doc tells you it is not a good idea to travel to AZ why are you coming???
#2 Hello people we do not provide free yeap you got it free medical care in AZ
#3 why do you have to shop on my days off namely weekends when you have all week to shop??
#4 Yeap we don't do things the way you do back home You are in AZ!!!
Ok I feel some what calmer. So glad I live in Az but I hate 3 months of the year you got it winter visitor months.
Notice I didn't even get into the driving issues?


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