Gosh, can it be that it is Sunday and my weekend is almost over. Boo hoo! Let's see did I do any cleaning, yard work, pool cleaning NO nada. I played all weekend bringing out my artistic side. Yeap that is right I have an artistic creative side. Warped at times but it rears its head now and again.
Saturday at Ink It with Victoria, Beth and Colleen making paper from veggies. What a blast. Now which one of the 3 of us had the most creative unusual off the wall paper??? Of course without hesitation it was COLLEEN. She made black paper with corn silk in it. When I looked over it looked like good old black Iowa dirt with tape worms. I wonder what it looks like dried. I love Colleens total abdonment in creating. Nothing is off limits or restricted and her projects turn out amazing. Beth of course made beautiful papers. Mine hmmmm well some were good others yuck. I learned that red paper is hard to make. My beautiful red in the blender comes out a hot pink when pulled.

So today the 3 of us are traveling to Victoria's studio in Carefree to learn to do altered books. Now can't ya just see Colleen's?? I can't wait to see Victoria's studio. Probably it is sooo much more organized than my little messy room. More later.... off to create


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