What a week!!!!!

Finally, it is Wednesday nite and I am going to take the next 4 days off. Yeah! Will I pay for it when I go back to work on Monday you betcha but I will not dwell on the negative. Four days of scrapping, coming up with ideas for Christmas gifts, playing with the grandkids. Oh and don't forget my AB. Still no concrete theme or plan. Oh whoa is me. Gosh I'm not going to stress over that either.
This has been a crazy fall with Jenn's wedding in October, busy at work, & taking lots of classess
But tomorrow is a time to be with family and friends and reflect on how thankful I am for those special people in my life. I may be grumbling, depressed or sad but 99% of the time I have so many things to be thankful for and I am.
So my scrap muse kit was on my doorstep when I got home tonite so it is going to be a nite of scrappin.
Happy Thanksgiving to all my family, special loved ones ya know who you are, friends and to my Bates girl gang.


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