Friday nite entertainment

Jenn and the kids came over to feed water and entertain "Grandma" Anthony was disappointed that I was still HURT. But they had fun with my markers signing my cast. While I laid propped up on the couch they managed to take out the garbage, sweep the floors, feed the animals and generally pamper me. It was so appreciated. Jenn and I got to catch up while the kids played cards and Jenn took quite a few pics of all of us

My original signed art work on my cast

Bruised ankle that has been almost as painful as my knee

Sadera reading

Anthony in Uncle TJ swim trunks till his jeans dried!!!! Don't ask

So today is supposed to be my much anticipated class at Melrose with Candice Carpenter. As of right now Colleen will pick me up and settle me in and we will see how it goes. We are meeting Kim so we should all be able to get caught up as we haven't see one another in a long time.


Kim said…
heal quickly Sherry! xoxo

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