This has been another really short weekend and I look at the clock and it is already 4pm. Where did my weekend go?? I guess "plumbing" problems again have taken up most of my time. Again I thought I had the Problem fixed but doing a load of laundry this am proved to be a not great idea. So off I went to the store for the Main Line Drain stuff and now am patiently waiting for the magic to happen. Not using water today is getting old real fast. So in lieu of no laundry, dishes etc I have been playing all day. Had some great classes this week and needed to finish them up. Accomplished the few last details on all of them, so I am happy about that.

I decided with the New Year to participate in some more swaps and online classes. So far they are so much fun and really letting me create. Stimulates my old brain cells Ha!

One of the two swaps I managed to get signed up for is a Valentine Tag swap over at Speckled Egg. Heather was the hostess of the dress swap I participated in so am totally excited about this one. I have paper and ribbon and lace purchased and am trying to get my idea translanted to the tag. Not working yet. I need to make 21 tags and have to Heather by the 29th of Jan. So I need to get busy.

The other swap is an Easter Swap that Heather at Bluhm Studios is hosting in March and that should be alot of fun to.

Then I joined Teresa McFaydens Winter Bella. I love these online projects. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday she puts up a new project. Our 1st project was using a Bingo card. Finished mine up and need to get it loaded to the Flickr site with the rest of the participants have theirs displayed. It is interesting to see how we all have a different twist to the project.. It was a fun project and I used colors I don't normally use. I am more of earth tones as most of my friends know so shades of pinks are not something I normally work with. I like how it turned out so all is good.

My altered Bingo card

Saturday Michelle had a run through of her class she is teaching at CK. I was asked to participate and we completed a CREATE banner. I finished putting it together this am. Well twice I put it together as I forgot the "T" so had to take it apart and add the missing letter. Oh duh

Thursady was Kim's class at Devine Memories. We completed 4 Christmas layouts. Loved all 4 of them and she used some non-traditional Christmas colors that I loved.

And Wednesday nite was our regular Stampin Up clas at Jan's. It was just the 4 of us and we had a good time laughing, talking and stamping. We made 2 cards and a post it note holder

So I have a roast, potatoes and carrots in the crock pot and it is smelling pretty good. Hope you all had a great weekend and I'll check in later.


Kim said…
LOVE IT ALL! really like your project from teresa's class!

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