More POD photos & update

Well this has been a week that I am glad is over with. I am doing well and trying very hard to keep a positive attitude that everything will turn out fine. I have surgery tomorrow morning to repair my fractured left patella. Obviously am so not looking forward to this. Jenn and TJ will be with me and I am so fortunate to have them. Surgery is outpatient and I should be going home after I wake up. Back to the couch. I am beginning to despise my couch.
Haven't been very good about getting my Pic of the Day posted so here are some of them that I have been snapping away as I lay on the couch or sit for brief periods of time on my computer. A special thanks for the warm thoughts and prayers all of you have sent via email and phone. It is greatly appreciated and lifts my spirits. Colleen has stopped and brought me goodies the past few days and cheered me up immensley. Thanks for my Starbucks yesterday Colleen.

My sisters birthday is Tuesday so Happy Birthday Jo. I hope you have a great day celebrating.

This is my beautiful leg turning all sorts of beautiful blue colors. Gross huh?? I am sure it will look nastier after Monday but hey wait it will be in a cast so I can ignoreit ya right

Sadera and Jenn came over yesterday and took me to get groceries and a few things to get me ready for surgery on Monday. Sadera was a huge help despite a very rude old lady that just ran into her with her cart. People can be so RUDE. After we got home Jenn started in finishing the laundry, cleaning the bird cage and feeding PEDRO who tried to escape. Clue Jenn don't leave the door to feed him open!!! Poor Sadera was having an anxiety attack screaming for Jenn to hurry up. Gave me a good laugh and ticked the bird off to no end that his escape was thwarted. Sadrea after unloading groceries tea-dyed my dollies for my valentine tag swap. She did an awesome job. Then I gave her the ultimate prize and let her play with my cricut. She loves the cricut. Below is a card she made me with the Cricut.

This is me Friday in a fog and black mood wondering how on earth I managed to do this to my leg

Just surfing the internet. My new favorite quiet easy to do pass-time while being restricted to crutches

So if all goes as I plan I should be back to a somewhat normal state on Tuesday and hopefully back to work soon. I am BORED staying here at home as I am very limited to entertaining myself thanks to my crutches and being unable to put weight on my left leg. I always stand to scrapbook so it is so alien to me to sit with leg elevated to do this, but ya I am getting a few things done.
Update post surgery


Kim said…
love the website your computer is on! :) hope your up and at'em soon! get some rest!

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