Quick Update

I am back!! Surgery Monday went according to plan, or so I am told. My left knee cap is pinned and wired back together and I am in a large bulky clumsey cast. Getting back into the groove of crutches again. Monday was pretty much of a haze and Tuesday was a painful day. Now I feel like I am on the road to gaining a small amount of strength back and getting a little more back to normal. Believe it or not I took the whole week off of work. My staff is truely surprised as is my son and daughter. Monday I plan to be back to work.
A special thanks to everyone for the phone calls, emails and visits. You have all boosted my spirits. So my POD has kind of taken a back seat but hopefully I will get back to it this weekend or next week.

Peggy arrived Tuesday with flowers and soup and bread from my favorite place. That cheered me up immensely

Bad pic of my huge cast. Maybe Jenn can get a better one

Hope everyone has a good weekend and I will fill ya in next week


OH my...your cast looks so overwhelming! I'm glad to hear there are those closeby who are taking care of you! Beautiful flowers! Rest and don't push yourself!

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