Good 2nd week

My second week post surgery is done. Truthfully I can't believe I made it all 5 days at work. I had lots of help and pampering so it was a pretty good week. Now next week I need to kick it in gear and get more accomplished, but I am pleased with how much I did get done
Friday was my follow-up with the ortho surgeon. X-rays look good, well to him to me it looks like a jumble of wires and screws from this surgery and the last knee surgery. Cast was replaced and I have a beautiful purple cast. Sadera will love it as purple is her favorite color. 3 more weeks in this cast and then the magical day of Feb 15 cast off and into a brace. Yahoo freedom from the bulky cast. Thanks to my SO I have new warm socks and have been totally taken care of at work with a reclining chair and the use of his laptop. TJ and Jenn have helped beyond belief so I am so counting my blessings
Colleen has been at my beck and call hauling me to classes, feeding me and keeping my spirits up,Mom, Da, and my sister keep tabs on me via phone and Kim's emails and Aliya stories keep me laughing. So to all of you a big big thanks

Last Sat the 19th Colleen hauled me to Melrose and we took a fun class with Candice Carpenter. It was good to be out and visiting.
Wed nite poor Colleen hauled me to Jan's for a Stampin up class again fun fun and good to get out

Finished my tags with slight difficulty and got them sent to Heather for a Valentine Tag swap. I can't wait to get the tag book back

Today is class at Devine Memories with Beth Quinn. Another class I am looking forward to and then of course a Starbucks. Poor Colleen is hauling me there too. I am so thankful she is willing to haul me around and get me out for fresh air
Tag for valentine swap

Much anticipated monthly kit from Carol Wingert. Love this kit!!!

My new purple cast


Kim said…
your purple cast is pretty! not as pretty as your tags though! :)

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