Pic of the day "OUCH"

So my pic of today is of my left knee with a broken knee cap. Yeap graceful me managed to somehow fall and dislocate and break my knee cap yesterday. Pretty isn't it. So I am on the couch with leg elevated bored and dozing off and on. Exciting day for me. Hope to be back at work tomorrow??? I have had great support from my boss, family and friends so all is good and all is well. As Anthony said that is gross grandma
More later


Kim said…
okay that's scary if it looks worse in person! hope your feeling better soon! get some rest!
Ouchy!!! But you can scrap with an elevated leg. Get better quick. How will you ever keep up with Colleen?
sav said…
ouch is right! i wish you a rapid (and pain-free!!!) recovery! =(
I'm so sorry to see this! I hope your surgery tomorrow (Monday) goes well, and that your recovery is quick and complete resoration to your knee! Oochy woochy! Take care!

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