Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lazy Day

This has been a pretty lazy day for me. Just couldn't seem to get my creativity going to start my swaps. Have ideas, just no motivation. So I photographed all the tags that have come in and then separated them all into groups. From there I wrapped them all in tissue paper and have all the envelopes ready to mail out. I'm hoping to get them all mailed by Tuesday.

I managed to do a bit of surfing on the Internet with difficulty thanks to an erratic service today. It seems it was out more than on.

I follow Confessions of a Pioneer Woman daily and have tried many of her recipes. Today I decided to try her pasta. I think it took longer to chop all the veggies than to cook the dish. I have to say it is another keeper. Really good.

Pioneer Woman’s Pasta Primavera (this is her pic)

Everything chopped and ready to go

And my pic of my pasta. It makes a very large amount so I guess I will be eating it all week which is ok as it is really good

So off to eat and enjoy the rest of my evening. It is back to work tomorrow

Friday, July 25, 2008

Can we say "HELP"

You can tell how exciting my life is when TJ's parrot, that I am the foster parent for, makes my day. I took yesterday as a mental health day aka get as much work done as possible day. So I had been busy trimming palm trees, bougainvillea, washing my jeep and generally trying to clean up my yard. I came in to a screeching like I haven't every heard from Mr Parrot. Apparently he had fallen into his empty food container and couldn't get out. Usually the container is laying down but occasionally he works hard enough to get it upright and then perches on it. Must have been what he did. So the screeching is ear piercing and I am laughing so hard. I rescued him and was he thankful??? that would be NO!!! he tried to bite me and was very very mad. He perched on his branch pouting. Guess that will keep him quiet for awhile. I am not his favorite person at the present!!!

So the day progressively went down hill from there. I had decided to have hamburger and sweet corn for my dinner. Of course the hamburger patties were in the freezer frozen together. Now did I put them on the counter to thaw a bit NO, did I throw them in the microwave to defrost No I did what everyone does, got the table knife and tried to separate them. Well that wasn't working so I beat them on the counter still not separated. As a last and stupid resort I pulled one of my Ikea knives out of it s holder and went to work. Keep in mind the thought ran through my head hmmm better turn the blade away from you so you don't accidentally stab your abdomen. I did that but got nowhere. In frustration I picked up the patty in the palm of my hand and inserted the tip into the smallest of cracks between the two patties, I didn't think it would work but pushed and you all know where this is headed. Yeap the knife slid through the hamburger patties and right into my hand between my 4th and 5th fingers. It hurt, I jumped and one of the patties went flying into the sink, one on the floor and the knife is stuck in my hand. What a wonderful mess that was to clean up. Lesson learned put the hamburger in the microwave!!!!

The knife

My hand today

So today has been much less eventful. I met Sue M and Kim H at Mystic to help Sue celebrate her birthday. I was so glad she had emailed me to meet her. We missed Colleen but did some fun shopping for that wonderful graphics 45 paper and then had a super good lunch at a cute little restaurant across from Mystic. Then it was home to address all the needs of my house. It is miserably hot here so I stayed indoors and did fun stuff like laundry.
I am anxious to start my houses for a swap I am in but I think I bought too many groups of papers so now I am trying to make choices.
Will catch you up more tomorrow. The weekend is getting better. No accidents today!!Knock on wood!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Payson Part Two

To continue from yesterday. As I was saying Barb talked me into the Purple Monster. After she demo'd it I was sold. Both Barb and Brenda said all their customers had it as they "don't share" That was too funny. Believe me these scrap booking ladies in Payson have all the latest and greatest papers, tools etc.
So they were running a special and I bought Mr Purple Monster. So far I haven't been able to play but I do have it put together which consisted of putting the handle on. Need to put everything in it's case and get it all organized
The Purple Monster

Put together with all the accessories

And some goodies I purchased

So there ya have it the Purple Monster story. Now it is back to laundry, cleaning and getting ready for work tomorrow.
Next class I have scheduled is at Mystic Paper with Kim. Her recipe book looks awesome. Check out Mystic's blog and also check the awesome new Graphic 45 papers they have. You can bet Kim and Jennifer will be seeing me Sat as I want want want some of it.
Great weekend

Saturday, July 19, 2008

As I had blogged earlier today I was in Payson most of the day. I accompanied Kim (yeap only 2 of the 3 amigos) up to Paper and Metal Scrappers where she taught 2 awesome classes. Colleen was unable to join the adventure as she is in Spokane visiting family. We missed ya Colleen.
Brenda and Barb owners of the store put out the warmest Welcome Mat. They are so sweet and fun!!!! It felt like we had known them for forever. Kim's classes also had the nicest ladies. It was a fun day. Paper & Metal Scrappers is a small store but it is packed with all the latest and greatest papers, embellies and tools. The decor is unique and I spent most of my time taking in everything and how it is displayed. Awesome layouts, books, and altered stuff. and yes Barb convinced me I needed the Purple Monster and yes I bought it. I will post pics tomorrow of this wonderful new tool. Bet ya Colleen and Kim get one our next trip up there.
Payson was a bit cooler than the valley and we had fun exploring. We ate at "Fireside" a coffee shop owned by Brenda and her daughter. This is really a unique place and the food oh my ask Kim and I about the blueberry coffee cake.
Antique stores are really nice well the 2 we saw before leaving town. Lots of goodies to look at.
It was a great relaxing fun adventure. Both Kim and I could do without the long twisting road but other than that love Payson.
Thanks Brenda and Barb for a wonderful day!

As we arrived we were greeted by Brenda outside the store. It was so neat as most of the stores have little table and chairs for you to sit outside.

Brenda one of the store owners

Brenda's Mom we ate lunch with her

Barb the other owner and the person who talked me into the Purple Monster

One of many unique displays

Paper drawers from an old store. These were the neatest things

Kim with her first class

The antique store next door

Clouds coming in as we left

I'll post more pics tomorrow.

North Way Up North

Just a quick note. I am heading to Payson this am. Looking forward to cool clear skies. Ya I know it is not that far north but still it has to be cooler right.
Anyway, I am sure there will be lots of pics and a story or two about my day.
My tag swap is winding down tags due to me on the 21st.
Hop on over to Kim's blog she is having a fun giveaway and has a beautiful new blog makeover done by Sara
Ok I am off to adventures catch ya later

Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's raining It's pouring

It has been predicted all week "a huge rain storm". But all we seemed to get was humid hot weather. That is until today. Well their prediction came true. An unbelievable humongous rain hit my area of Chandler. It poured so hard for about 10-15 minutes. Now it is just a sprinkle. But my patio is flooded, the street is flooded and the pool is full to the cool deck. I was out trying to get some pics and managed to get a few before the lightening drove me indoors

Looking at one of my neighbors across the street

My neighbor to my left

And directly across the street. See that wonderful new black jeep commander. Oh ya I want it

Playing with shrink it stuff. Here is the stamped size

and here they are after 2 minutes in the oven

I needed comfort food today. So I am having meatloaf made my Mom's way with potatos and carrots and I even made a fresh peach cobbler. Can't wait to eat

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Treasure Hunting aka "Dumpster Diving"

You all know my Saturday morning drill. Colleen swings by to pick me up and drops off usually at least one bag of destash from her house for me. She was too funny as today she said to me my you have a lot of stuff. Ya Colleen I told her it is all from you. Anyway it was to Starbucks for coffee and our early am fix. I am moderation with one latte Colleen has 2 venti iced coffees to get the day started.
Mystic Paper and a quick visit with Ellen was next on the agenda. We met Kim and the adventure begins.

Armed with gloves, hand sanitizer, baby wipes and cameras we programmed our first destination into Colleen's phone GPS. This is too funny as Colleen argues with the voice on the phone as well as the cars driving by us. We missed just one turn as we weren't quick enough to make the right hand turn off the street. Oops. But the trusty phone directed us to our destination. We arrived at Apache Reclamation which is not in the best area of Phoenix by the way. What an adventure. I can't even begin to describe all the stuff electronics, medical, junk, bakery items It was unbelievable. Colleen made it through the first aisles before Kim got 1/4 of the way down one. We even discovered another room with even more stuff. We were totally soaked as it was hot in there. After checking out with all of our great treasures it was program the next destination Goodwill Clearance Center on 16th st another really nice part of Phoenix. Nothing could have prepared us for this nothing not even Mike P perfect true description. I think we were in shock. A huge warehouse NOT air conditioned filled with huge bins and you literally go dumpster diving. Again we were soaked and I think I walked out with books, record albums for get this 1.97. too cool
Our first look at Apache Reclamation

Colleen whipping down the aisles

Some of my goodies. Believe it or not the reister things are expensive. I picked up 1 whole bag and he wanted 50 dollars. I settled for a few. We all decided Tim Holtz needs to see this place.

A metal pitcher and medicine bottles

Here we are our first peak at the Goodwill Clearance Center.

Inside the bins. Clothes are 1.99 per lb, books 10cents, toys .25cents

The only cool spot at the back with an open door. We are reaching our end of the bins and we are dripping wet

Metal tackle box for my soldering supplies. needs a bit of love

Bottle toppers

We had lunch at Islands with yummy food to revitalize and then it was over to an antique store to finish our day. Again we all found "treasures" here to. But this is a long post so I won't keep adding pics. Lots of laughter, joking and good bonding. We love shopping. Kim and I had a hard time keeping up with Colleen we are too slow looking at everything. Oh ya my new word Holy Hannah. I think it is better than some of the words we heard today.

Friday, July 11, 2008

A rainy, cloudy, humid Friday

It is hard to believe that finally after all the hype from the local news channels we Did get RAIN. Now I didn't seem to get the torrential wind and rain that the Phoenix area was blessed with. But it seemed to be a steady downpour for a few minutes. At least the first layer of dust has been washed away. Now it is just humid humid humid. Yuck. What is worse the high temps or the humidity not sure.

So here is a pic of the sky this morning. Cloudy gray.

And proof of rain

And my patio with it's puddle

I guess we are expecting more showers, but it is monsoon after all.
Looking forward to Saturday and a day of "dumpster diving" with 2 good friends. We are going to check out Mike P's recommendations for treasures and the out of way places he has found. His cryptic words were wear t-shits, jeans and gloves! oh oh wonder what we are in for???

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Last day of the weekend

Today has flown by so fast. But maybe that is because I have been pretty much non-stop all day. The house is cleaned and mopped, laundry done and put away, dishes done, groceries bought (I hate grocery shopping) and all in their place. I have spent a greater share of the day working on my pool. It has been brushed down and vacuumed many times. Had to run back to the store for chemicals and now that there in it is time to sit and relax.

Clouds coming in. Yeap we are in monsoon season.
I received 2 ATC cards from Angie Miller in Vancouver. We are doing a 1 on 1 swap. Colleen also gave me one of her newest cards. Hers is on the left and Angie's are the middle and right one. I need to get busy and get mine off to her this week.

In between running around, cleaning, laundry and pool cleaning, I made Nora Griffin's s'more treats. I saw the recipe on Cheryl's blog. Yum they are good. I guess they need to go to work with me or I will eat them all

My frame finally done. Rebecca Sower and Heidi Woodard are the inspiration behind this frame. I picked up the frame at Goodwill and rubbed acrylic paint on it and then used pieced fabric squares for the center. Made button thingys to hang the tags on and there ya go my new tag display piece

Board with the Nursery Rhyme Tags on it

So now it is on to dinner. It is going to be super simple tonight. Hamburger, store bought potato salad and corn on the cob.
Hope you all had a super 4th, guess tomorrow it is back to the work force. Oh yippee

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Saturday Finds

It is Saturday, one day gone already of the long weekend. I had a quiet 4th and was able to get caught up on a few things around here.

Today was a fun adventure of antiquing. We were minus our pals Kim and her girls Kelsey and little Miss Aliya. Today Aliya was celebrating her 5th birthday. Kim posted some great pics of Aliya on her blog. Check them out!

So anyway after our usual Starbuck's run we headed to Mystic to pick up the new to us photo holders and a bit of this and that. Rick had some antique finds that Colleen was interested in like a folding ruler (yah Kim she bought another one) and watch parts and what not.

From Mystic it was to Merchant Square. Found some things I was really happy with. My two biggest and best bargains were the huge bag of buttons many still on their cards for $3.00 and the little nosegay of flowers for get this $1. They are the sweetest little bunch of pale yellow happiness. Colleen found many many many things including a set of bread pans she had been wanting.

Delicate apron to add to my collection

This whole huge bunch of roses in a cute container
Here is this huge bag of buttons. I am slowly filling up my red enamel container with buttons

The cutest little wicker basket. I have special plans for this

Large postcard album
The palest pink doily
Dainty linens
That is the highlight of my purchases. I have a few other items like a 1894 book and some more buttons.

After a quick trip to Zoe's to get fabric for my new project we headed to Paper Studio. Fun fun. Cindy and Gary are always so welcoming and fun to visit with. Colleen went wild with many things including a canvas by anahata katkin , paper and books many many books.

We ended our day as per usual at Wildflower for a scrumptious sandwich and salad

Great day good friend hot weather

Pics to come of my project I am working on with all the material. The squares are all cut and in place I just need to sew them on

Have a good evening and I will catch ya later