Wahoo it is Wednesday and only one more day to work and then 3 whole days off. Yeah can't wait. It has been a busy week already as it is end of the month reports, dealing with staffing issues, payroll, and some patient issues. Then we add my knee rehab. So far so good and my rehab outside is coming along. Yeap people it is HOT out there at 1:30, but I am monitored closely by my PT(personal trainer) :) I am actually starting to run more.. Well honestly it is a fast walk slow jog but the distance is getting longer:)
Below is a pic of another star I am frustrated with and still working on. Hey I may have it done by the 4th. I think I waited too long to look for paper and supplies were pretty limited.

So that is my Wednesday morning stuff
Also I have received Heidi and Collen's tags. Wow you are all in for a treat as they are awesome.


Rebecca Tresler said…
Outside?! Yikes!!

Your star looks fabulous!
Love the star...I have a couple up in a cupboard somewhere....I should have got them out and tried covering them like your's! I guess I could use paper or fabric. I'm sure it'll look great for the 4th!

Happy 4th!!!
kim hesson said…
looks great! can't wait for the tag swap! need to hurry and start mine i guess! :)
Maija said…
I think your star is gorgeous!

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