As I had blogged earlier today I was in Payson most of the day. I accompanied Kim (yeap only 2 of the 3 amigos) up to Paper and Metal Scrappers where she taught 2 awesome classes. Colleen was unable to join the adventure as she is in Spokane visiting family. We missed ya Colleen.
Brenda and Barb owners of the store put out the warmest Welcome Mat. They are so sweet and fun!!!! It felt like we had known them for forever. Kim's classes also had the nicest ladies. It was a fun day. Paper & Metal Scrappers is a small store but it is packed with all the latest and greatest papers, embellies and tools. The decor is unique and I spent most of my time taking in everything and how it is displayed. Awesome layouts, books, and altered stuff. and yes Barb convinced me I needed the Purple Monster and yes I bought it. I will post pics tomorrow of this wonderful new tool. Bet ya Colleen and Kim get one our next trip up there.
Payson was a bit cooler than the valley and we had fun exploring. We ate at "Fireside" a coffee shop owned by Brenda and her daughter. This is really a unique place and the food oh my ask Kim and I about the blueberry coffee cake.
Antique stores are really nice well the 2 we saw before leaving town. Lots of goodies to look at.
It was a great relaxing fun adventure. Both Kim and I could do without the long twisting road but other than that love Payson.
Thanks Brenda and Barb for a wonderful day!

As we arrived we were greeted by Brenda outside the store. It was so neat as most of the stores have little table and chairs for you to sit outside.

Brenda one of the store owners

Brenda's Mom we ate lunch with her

Barb the other owner and the person who talked me into the Purple Monster

One of many unique displays

Paper drawers from an old store. These were the neatest things

Kim with her first class

The antique store next door

Clouds coming in as we left

I'll post more pics tomorrow.


kim hesson said…
wow the cloud photos did turn out good. and you can't see my dirty windows. :) great photos and glad to have a friend along for the ride! :)
Kim Caldwell said…
OK, you got me -- what is the purple monster? Kim looks in heaven. Glad you were her partner in crime - can't think of a better companion for her!!

Hugs, Kim
Paris Cowgirl said…
I couldn't resist being the third Kim to comment! Wow, there's alot of us. Looks like you guys had a great time. I need to get up to Payson and see their store.And yes, I need to know...what is a purple monster?
Rebecca Tresler said…
what a fun time! looks like it was a great class!

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