Payson Part Two

To continue from yesterday. As I was saying Barb talked me into the Purple Monster. After she demo'd it I was sold. Both Barb and Brenda said all their customers had it as they "don't share" That was too funny. Believe me these scrap booking ladies in Payson have all the latest and greatest papers, tools etc.
So they were running a special and I bought Mr Purple Monster. So far I haven't been able to play but I do have it put together which consisted of putting the handle on. Need to put everything in it's case and get it all organized
The Purple Monster

Put together with all the accessories

And some goodies I purchased

So there ya have it the Purple Monster story. Now it is back to laundry, cleaning and getting ready for work tomorrow.
Next class I have scheduled is at Mystic Paper with Kim. Her recipe book looks awesome. Check out Mystic's blog and also check the awesome new Graphic 45 papers they have. You can bet Kim and Jennifer will be seeing me Sat as I want want want some of it.
Great weekend


[Charlene] said…
Thanks for the details about your adventure to Payson with Kim. I like the new blog look, also!
Maija said…
You but the best stuff, Sherry!!! I can't wait to head up there. My guys are saying it's still too hot in Payson- is it so?
Paris Cowgirl said…
So what exactly does this purple monster do?
Jo said…
If only we were closr, the purple monster would get a real workout. Jo
Rebecca Tresler said…
That IS a purple monster! Fun!!
Heartinmyhand said…
Oh new toys can be fun. I'll check back to see what you do with it.
Hum, looking at that Purple Monster and wanted to SEE what you're making with it!!!! Sounds like lots of fun in Payson, but then, it's always fun to be anywhere with friends! And to shop and craft with them as well!

Can't wait for the summer tags!!!

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