Treasure Hunting aka "Dumpster Diving"

You all know my Saturday morning drill. Colleen swings by to pick me up and drops off usually at least one bag of destash from her house for me. She was too funny as today she said to me my you have a lot of stuff. Ya Colleen I told her it is all from you. Anyway it was to Starbucks for coffee and our early am fix. I am moderation with one latte Colleen has 2 venti iced coffees to get the day started.
Mystic Paper and a quick visit with Ellen was next on the agenda. We met Kim and the adventure begins.

Armed with gloves, hand sanitizer, baby wipes and cameras we programmed our first destination into Colleen's phone GPS. This is too funny as Colleen argues with the voice on the phone as well as the cars driving by us. We missed just one turn as we weren't quick enough to make the right hand turn off the street. Oops. But the trusty phone directed us to our destination. We arrived at Apache Reclamation which is not in the best area of Phoenix by the way. What an adventure. I can't even begin to describe all the stuff electronics, medical, junk, bakery items It was unbelievable. Colleen made it through the first aisles before Kim got 1/4 of the way down one. We even discovered another room with even more stuff. We were totally soaked as it was hot in there. After checking out with all of our great treasures it was program the next destination Goodwill Clearance Center on 16th st another really nice part of Phoenix. Nothing could have prepared us for this nothing not even Mike P perfect true description. I think we were in shock. A huge warehouse NOT air conditioned filled with huge bins and you literally go dumpster diving. Again we were soaked and I think I walked out with books, record albums for get this 1.97. too cool
Our first look at Apache Reclamation

Colleen whipping down the aisles

Some of my goodies. Believe it or not the reister things are expensive. I picked up 1 whole bag and he wanted 50 dollars. I settled for a few. We all decided Tim Holtz needs to see this place.

A metal pitcher and medicine bottles

Here we are our first peak at the Goodwill Clearance Center.

Inside the bins. Clothes are 1.99 per lb, books 10cents, toys .25cents

The only cool spot at the back with an open door. We are reaching our end of the bins and we are dripping wet

Metal tackle box for my soldering supplies. needs a bit of love

Bottle toppers

We had lunch at Islands with yummy food to revitalize and then it was over to an antique store to finish our day. Again we all found "treasures" here to. But this is a long post so I won't keep adding pics. Lots of laughter, joking and good bonding. We love shopping. Kim and I had a hard time keeping up with Colleen we are too slow looking at everything. Oh ya my new word Holy Hannah. I think it is better than some of the words we heard today.


kim hesson said…
Holy Hannah is right! :) wonderful day! so glad to be somehwere with air! :) next i will bring a hat! :)
Sue M said…
You guys are so funny!

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