Lazy Day

This has been a pretty lazy day for me. Just couldn't seem to get my creativity going to start my swaps. Have ideas, just no motivation. So I photographed all the tags that have come in and then separated them all into groups. From there I wrapped them all in tissue paper and have all the envelopes ready to mail out. I'm hoping to get them all mailed by Tuesday.

I managed to do a bit of surfing on the Internet with difficulty thanks to an erratic service today. It seems it was out more than on.

I follow Confessions of a Pioneer Woman daily and have tried many of her recipes. Today I decided to try her pasta. I think it took longer to chop all the veggies than to cook the dish. I have to say it is another keeper. Really good.

Pioneer Woman’s Pasta Primavera (this is her pic)

Everything chopped and ready to go

And my pic of my pasta. It makes a very large amount so I guess I will be eating it all week which is ok as it is really good

So off to eat and enjoy the rest of my evening. It is back to work tomorrow


kim hesson said…
it looks yummy! :) might have to give it a try.
Paris Cowgirl said…
I have been checking, and wondering where you were. Thought the stab to the hand kept you from blogging.
Maija said…
Looks delicious!
Rebecca Tresler said…
Looks really good!

Those tags look like so much fun!

Hope your hand is doing better!

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