The Tag Game

Tagged I'm It!!

I was tagged by my friend Cheryl

3 Things that bring me joy

1. Spending Sundays with TJ, Jen,John, Sadera and Anthony.

2. Antiquing with friends

3. Altered, mixed media and scrapbooking classes

3 Things that I fear

1. Snakes/scorpions

2. Driving into Phoenix area

3. My family being hurt or sick

3 Current obsessions

1. Vintage Aprons

2. Vintage pictures

3. Tim Holtz supplies

3 Random/Surprising facts about me

1. Raised in rural Iowa walked bean fields for spending money

2. I love casseroles and comfort foods

3. I am horrible at text messaging takes me for ever

3 People I tag

1. Kim H.

2. Heidi W.

3. Kim J.


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