Can we say "HELP"

You can tell how exciting my life is when TJ's parrot, that I am the foster parent for, makes my day. I took yesterday as a mental health day aka get as much work done as possible day. So I had been busy trimming palm trees, bougainvillea, washing my jeep and generally trying to clean up my yard. I came in to a screeching like I haven't every heard from Mr Parrot. Apparently he had fallen into his empty food container and couldn't get out. Usually the container is laying down but occasionally he works hard enough to get it upright and then perches on it. Must have been what he did. So the screeching is ear piercing and I am laughing so hard. I rescued him and was he thankful??? that would be NO!!! he tried to bite me and was very very mad. He perched on his branch pouting. Guess that will keep him quiet for awhile. I am not his favorite person at the present!!!

So the day progressively went down hill from there. I had decided to have hamburger and sweet corn for my dinner. Of course the hamburger patties were in the freezer frozen together. Now did I put them on the counter to thaw a bit NO, did I throw them in the microwave to defrost No I did what everyone does, got the table knife and tried to separate them. Well that wasn't working so I beat them on the counter still not separated. As a last and stupid resort I pulled one of my Ikea knives out of it s holder and went to work. Keep in mind the thought ran through my head hmmm better turn the blade away from you so you don't accidentally stab your abdomen. I did that but got nowhere. In frustration I picked up the patty in the palm of my hand and inserted the tip into the smallest of cracks between the two patties, I didn't think it would work but pushed and you all know where this is headed. Yeap the knife slid through the hamburger patties and right into my hand between my 4th and 5th fingers. It hurt, I jumped and one of the patties went flying into the sink, one on the floor and the knife is stuck in my hand. What a wonderful mess that was to clean up. Lesson learned put the hamburger in the microwave!!!!

The knife

My hand today

So today has been much less eventful. I met Sue M and Kim H at Mystic to help Sue celebrate her birthday. I was so glad she had emailed me to meet her. We missed Colleen but did some fun shopping for that wonderful graphics 45 paper and then had a super good lunch at a cute little restaurant across from Mystic. Then it was home to address all the needs of my house. It is miserably hot here so I stayed indoors and did fun stuff like laundry.
I am anxious to start my houses for a swap I am in but I think I bought too many groups of papers so now I am trying to make choices.
Will catch you up more tomorrow. The weekend is getting better. No accidents today!!Knock on wood!!


Paris Cowgirl said…
So good to see you today. You guys are always fun and we're becoming quite the detectives aren't we? And would you get that hand looked at. It looks way worse in person.
Rebecca Tresler said…
oh my gosh!!! your poor hand!!
Maija said…
That cut doesn't look too good. Is it getting better?

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