Last day of the weekend

Today has flown by so fast. But maybe that is because I have been pretty much non-stop all day. The house is cleaned and mopped, laundry done and put away, dishes done, groceries bought (I hate grocery shopping) and all in their place. I have spent a greater share of the day working on my pool. It has been brushed down and vacuumed many times. Had to run back to the store for chemicals and now that there in it is time to sit and relax.

Clouds coming in. Yeap we are in monsoon season.
I received 2 ATC cards from Angie Miller in Vancouver. We are doing a 1 on 1 swap. Colleen also gave me one of her newest cards. Hers is on the left and Angie's are the middle and right one. I need to get busy and get mine off to her this week.

In between running around, cleaning, laundry and pool cleaning, I made Nora Griffin's s'more treats. I saw the recipe on Cheryl's blog. Yum they are good. I guess they need to go to work with me or I will eat them all

My frame finally done. Rebecca Sower and Heidi Woodard are the inspiration behind this frame. I picked up the frame at Goodwill and rubbed acrylic paint on it and then used pieced fabric squares for the center. Made button thingys to hang the tags on and there ya go my new tag display piece

Board with the Nursery Rhyme Tags on it

So now it is on to dinner. It is going to be super simple tonight. Hamburger, store bought potato salad and corn on the cob.
Hope you all had a super 4th, guess tomorrow it is back to the work force. Oh yippee


Maija said…
I LOVE how your tag board turned out!
kim hesson said…
it all turned out great! glad you had a good holiday!
Rebecca Tresler said…
What a great board!! Love it!
Wow, you made one of the boards, too! Very nice! Did you layer the buttons up? Fun project!

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