A rainy, cloudy, humid Friday

It is hard to believe that finally after all the hype from the local news channels we Did get RAIN. Now I didn't seem to get the torrential wind and rain that the Phoenix area was blessed with. But it seemed to be a steady downpour for a few minutes. At least the first layer of dust has been washed away. Now it is just humid humid humid. Yuck. What is worse the high temps or the humidity not sure.

So here is a pic of the sky this morning. Cloudy gray.

And proof of rain

And my patio with it's puddle

I guess we are expecting more showers, but it is monsoon after all.
Looking forward to Saturday and a day of "dumpster diving" with 2 good friends. We are going to check out Mike P's recommendations for treasures and the out of way places he has found. His cryptic words were wear t-shits, jeans and gloves! oh oh wonder what we are in for???


kim hesson said…
can't wait! gonna go grab my gloves. now whatch me forget them :)
Paris Cowgirl said…
Heed Mike's warning...maybe you better double glove!

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