Saturday, September 23, 2006

Been Busy

Jan's card class. I loved all the cards especially the Halloween card. New technique that Jan taught us was so cool. Of course I ordered all the stuff to make this card when my family comes in a month. Get ready family!

Follow the leader class with Michelle and Kim. I need to get a pic of Kim's layout it was really cute too. Learned how to use patterned paper in a new way and loved the wire flowers.

Painting of the living room is done and have that room put back together Now I'm workingon a bedroom. Love the new color called Spainish Leather. Tj is coming today to lay the tile so I need to get off the computer and finish painting before he gets here. Pics to follow

1 comment:

Kim (a.k.a. mom, wife, sis., & berly) said...

love the colors!!! i bet it looks really good in person!