Sunday ramblings

Cricut in action. Yeap still playing and learning all it can do, which is alot
Some of the letters, numbers and tags I was able to create with the Cricut I really like this new font Base Camp. It is alot better than George.

6 pages I completed for the virtual crop on Friday nite hosted by Amy

while she worked the crop at Devine Memories. This was new experience for me but was sure alot of fun and a motivator. Thanks Amy.

AND this is what I need to be doing PAINTING!!!!
Lazy morning still in my PJ's playing with my newest toy, talking with my sister on the phone. Now I need to be doing laundry, cleaning PAINTING, decluttering, PAINTING, getting groceries, PAINTING, trimming the bushes in front, PAINTING! Do you think maybe I should quit playing with my newest addiction and PAINT Time is getting shorter till my folks and sister arrive.


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