Colleen's BirthdayParty
Colleen's BD celebration started at Devine Memories Colleen had decided on Michelle's wall art class for her party. Michelle and Kim came in to host and teach us. As usual great class and a good time with lots of laughter. I made little party favor boxes with my Cricut and filled them with Dove and Hershey Kisses from the Breast Cancer Awareness.. Colleen's birthday hat was fun to make and she did like it. Michelle brought in the best pumpkin cookies from Starbucks and we had chocolate cupcakes and a fruit plate to add to the festivities. The board is such a great and meaningful project. I chose the Daisy D lines and Colleen decided to use some of those papers also. We both came up with a different take on our project. I'm going to add a clock to my frame and hang the wall art in my kitchen.
Colleen with her completed project

Colleen opening her gift from Beth a unique doll's head

Colleen opening her birthday gifts at Houston's before we ate. A great meal of California Sea Bass and veggies

Favor boxes, gift bag with all her goodies and her hat. The tradition continues that the birthday girl has a birthday hat designed by me. Hopefully I can continue coming up with ideas for their party hats!

Colleen getting ahead start on all of us at our class. Nobody is surprised that she is ahead of us. Michelle just keeps going and takes it all in stride


this was soooo much fun! sorry i wasn't able to participate a bit more than i had planned! michelle was supposed to take the extra cupckaes and didn't. so i ate the frosting off like 4 of them!

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