Update on Sunday

Ok I was so not in the mood to paint this weekend. Bet you all got that idea from my previous message. I managed to get out of my Pj's and go pick up my stamps from Jan, get groceries and my diet pepsi that I'm addicted to and was totally out of. I even managed to vac and mop floors, do laundry, clean pool well 1/2 of it before the pool sweeper thingy broke, trimmed bushes in front and yes played with my CRICUT. The newest all time favorite toy.
Jenn and the kids came over and little Sadera had the cricut mastered and was making lots of "stuff" Anthony made a nut cup for popcorn, Sadera made the popcorn container and a purse and a card for her Mom. She is faster at getting the basics down than I was. Hmmmm.
Anthony took over the camera once again so will post his family pics
ok blogger won't take pics will post in am


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