Wine red red wine

Jenn and kids and I headed to Home Depot for a new color of paint for the living room to try and repair the horrible faux finish I attempted. We came up with the new color Wine Barrel. Love it love it love it. First coat is almost on. Love the new color almost looks like leather

Jenn doing the fun job of cutting in the ceiling Love ya Jenn

Kids watching movies while we paint can we say BORING!!!!
Ok ok here is the big mess of my attempt at faux finish it was bad!!!!

So today it is maybe back to painting or playing on the computer or sleeping. Tonite is "Wicked" can't wait. Tomorrow is special classes with special people yippee great weekend or as Mr A says all the time nowAWESOME!!!


OH MY GOSH!!! i absolutely love this color! i bet it looks wonderful in person! you've been busy!
sherry said…
thanks. I think this is my newest favorite color of paint.

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