1st Christmas Party of the season

Jan andJohn (Colleen's sister & brother-in-law) had an open house tonite. What a very nice and relaxing time. As we thought John did a super job with the BBQ shrimp, turkey, ribs, garlic bread and potatoes. And then there was all the desserts! Colleen and I had been looking forward to this for a month. Since our invited guests were unable to attend they came as flat KIM and MICHELLE I think they had a good time and enjoyed all the yummy food. I made sure that they were home at a decent hour hee hee Getting ready for our big nite out. Have to dress warm!!! as the open house is on the patio BRRRRRRR

We have arrived and of course Colleen beat us there. But ha ha John hadn't started the shrimp yet so we were ok

Just hanging out visiting with Jan and Colleen

Kim and I decided to try a little snack of grilled shrimp and turkey yummy so good, of course Michelle and Colleen were ahead of us and already had turkey and sugar snap peas. Come on Kim we need to catch up

Hanging out staying warm with all the gas heaters

Now Jan and John have a Saber tradition where you take a Saber to open the champagne, Too cool and it was fun to watch. Not good pics as I wasn't able to quite catch the actual cutting of the bottle

Success 1st time

John at the BBQ John's daughter Becky in the fabulous orange coat this was amazing and I so want one. She is Colleen's niece that makes wedding dresses and this coat and the lining that she made were so much more stunning in real life. Becky is absolutely beautiful

Good nite party is over and Sherry, Michelle and Kim are headed home while Collen is staying to party more!!! so this was a brief synopsis of our evening out


oh my gosh i'm laughing so hard!!! i love all the pictures! i feel like i was really there! thanks for taking me!!!

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