I have had these ideas in my head for a while and decided to see if I could get them on a page. I had seen a layout similar to the first one but as usual changed it to my thoughts. It was fun to dig out the sewing machine and stitch on pages again. I even found a spot for the machine to remain up so maybe I will use it a bit more. Anthony seemed to really like his camera and had taken over 40 pictures by the time they left. The pics are great and I need Jennifer to download them to my computer so I can use them. It is amazing the pictures Anthony took. No fear or limits and he really had fun. I wanted an informal family pic of us Christmas day. I have had my camera at least 2 years and had not figured out the timer. Well, I finally figured it out so we tried to get a family pic with no one left out. Yeah we did it. Not the best pictures but it was fun and at least we are all together.
So my plans today are to scrap, help Colleen put her pottery barn bookshelves and desk together and then we will be off to play.
Hope everyone has a good weekend


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