A fun busy Saturday

Saturday was a very full packed busy fun day. It started with breakfast with Colleen at TC's, an unexpected trip to Country Manor while we waited for Ink It to open and continued through class at Ink It, make-n-take at Devine Memories, to having Anthony and Sadera over for the evening. A wonderful day.

As always Anthony wanted a "project" to work on while he was here. Alas I had nothing so he asked me for a pencil and paper. He drew an airplane and then decided he would build one. We scrounged around and found some shims and he used those to build his plane. I was shocked when I looked up from helping Sadera that he had done this all by himself! Next he wanted to paint it so his color choices requested were yellow, orange, red and black. His finished product was pretty amazing to me. Sadera wanted to do Christmas cards and bless DM that enables me to buy so much I had the perfect embellishments for her to work with. I'll post more pics

Make-n-take at DM was so fun. Colleen and I hadn't seen Mel, Amy, Michelle and Sandy for at least a week :0) so it was good to be able to catch up. Michelle designed the cutest stocking board and even though it is hard to see against my wall (note to self find a better colored place for this) I love it. The wooden stockings are from Kim's class. Anthony and Sadera really liked this project.

Colleen's Christmas gift to me was Carol W. White on white book. An amazing book. Below are the pics of the book. It is hard photographing white I discovered

And that is my busy Saturday. Will post some of the treasures from Country Manor in Gilbert and Sadera's Christmas cards. Guess blogger decided I had added to many pics this post


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