Well another Monday is all wrapped up. It was a kind of busy day, but I made progress. Back to making hospital rounds so I at least feel like I know a little of what is going on. Office patients taken care of and paper work for the month completed. Almost time to start all over again. January certainly flew by quickly. Everyday I get a bit stronger and since the new PURPLE cast on Friday I feel a whole lot better.

Saturday Colleen picked me up and we headed over to DM to take a class from Beth Quinn. What a sweetie she is and oh so talented. There were just 3 of us but we had a ball and finished up a really neat project. A "HOUSE" canvas. Learned to dry brush in a new way and with a little patience it turned out great, Following class I was able to catch up with Mel and Nancy and then Colleen and I headed over to Paper Vineyard a new scrapbook store in Chandler. What a huge store. She told us there was almost 4000 sq feet and it is big. They are still getting their inventory out so not a whole lot out yet but what she had was very nice and displayed uniquely. I guess the display cabinet when you walk in was one of my favorites, the crop room with the beautiful drapes, the kitchen wow loved the glass table and how it was decorated, and the best the "CHRISTMAS ROOM" wow what a beautiful room. It is good to know that there is finally a scrapbook store open on Sunday when you need that one last sheet of paper to finish a project.

Sunday Sadera and Jenn came to help Grandma clean. They have my house pretty much decluttered and back to pre=Christmas. Loving my free open spaces again. And to top it off they went and picked up groceries as I wasn't allowed out in the rain with crutches.

So hopefully I will continue to gain back my strength and stamina as Colleen and I have a much long awaited soldering class on Sat. This should be interesting with Colleen

My attempt at the house canvas


Sherry, so glad you are feeling better! We'll take care of you Saturday and make sure you're comfy. You're quite the trooper and Colleen is certainly a great friend!
It's great to hear you're recovering and getting back into the general swing of your life! Your art project is cute!
Kim said…
hey love your project! it turned out cute! love the spools of thread! and purple rocks! :)
have fun at class!

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